As the founder of Fairy Friends Forever nothing brings me more joy then making a little girls birthday the one she never forgets. My favourite part about being a fairy is the look on a little girls face when we walk in the door. The look of excitement and wonder in their eyes just makes me so happy. We want the smile from our faces to fly over to the birthday girl and all of her guests. We love singing, dancing and having lots of fun with all the fairies from Fairy Friends Forever and of course all of our mini fairies, princesses, divas, sleeping beauties, glam girls and beauty princesses. - Love Molly

Meet The Fairies

I absolutely love being a part of Fairy Friends forever. My goal for every party that I take part in, is to ensure that everyone child has wonderful time. It is something that I am very passionate about, and I love the joy that I can bring to a child’s face. A Fairy Friends Forever party is something that every girl and her guests will remember for a lifetime. Love Emily xxx

As the Team Leader at Fairy Friends Forever spending my weekends doing what I love is such a joy! Making a little girls day extra specail is honetly the best feeling in the world. As I am a Cheerleader dancing around with all of the children and my fellow Fairies is my favourite part of being at a birthday party Love Leah xxx

Parties are such a magical part of growing up. I feel lucky that as a fairy from Fairy Friends Forever, I get to be a part of the excitement happiness and smiles of someone's special day. When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a fairy when I grew up. Now that I am, I'm so excited to pass on the fairy dream to other little girls and boys! Love Tori xxx

Every little girls dream is to become a fairy when they are older, and one of my favorite things is seeing them so excited to know that on their day they are a fairy. One of the best parts of Fairy Friends Forever would have to be face painting! I love seeing the little faces light up when they see themselves in the mirror! When I face paint I really want to make all the girls happy so that they can run away pretending to be the fairy or butterfly that i painted on them. I want to continue working hard with a positive attitude, have fun and make every little girls party one to remember! Love McKenzie xxx

I love being a part of the Fairy Friends Forever team. Being a fairy I believe comes with the responsibility of ensuring that every party is the best that it can be. My aim for every party is to make sure that every child there remembers every second of it and I bring a smile to everyone's faces. I can't wait to continue to bring happiness to all of our fairy, disco, princess, red carpet, spa and slumber parties! Love Maddy xxx

I am very pleased to say that I am a part of Fairy Friends Forever. It is an honour being a part of those big milestones that last a lifetime. Those moments in life, become memories that you can share with their children and when I see a little girl on her birthday and seeing right before my eyes her wishes coming true, I know that we have made a big contribution to that milestone! I can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces up in fairy land! Love India xxx

Fairy Friends Forever offers a range of different parties to suit your needs. Call : 0435 369 479

Red Carpet Parties

These Red Carpet Parties are a dream come true for the girls who love to Strut there Stuff. Our Glam Squad dolls you up for the Red Carpet Event that we bring to you in preparation for the show. We apply Make Up and Style your Hair which ever way you choose! We also teach the girls how to work the Cat Walk and perfect their strut. Instant photos are taken and printed throughout the event to ensure that every moment is captured.  Pricing starts at $300 for a 2 and a half hour Red Carpet Party all equipment is supplied the Glam Squad, any more than 12 children an additional $15 per person. Hair Feathers can be supplied on request. More time can be arranged. Travel fees do apply 20km+ from Melbourne CBD. E.g. 25km= $25

Fairy Parties

Our Fairy parties include numerous activities for everyone, to get everyone involved and make sure that they all enjoy every second of the party. Some of the activities included in our Fairy parties are Face Painting, Nail Painting, lots of Fairy Games and much more. Our fairies supply all equipment for nail and face painting and will facilitate fairy games. For example Pin the Wand on the Fairy, Fairy Relay and Musical Flowers are a few of the games that our fairies love to play with the birthday girl and her guests. We bring the party to you, at your house or your choice of venue. We also supply the music for the party for lots of dancing fun!  Pricing starts at $200 for a 2 hour Fairy Party, any more than 25 children an additional $50, as another fairy will be needed. More time can be arranged. Travel fees do apply 20km+ from Melbourne CBD. E.g. 25km= $25

Disco Parties

Our Disco Divas facilitate a Disco Diva Party fun for all ages, boys or girls which includes lots of dancing, music and disco games. Nail painting and Face Painting, Temporary Tattoo along with lots more. Our Disco Divas come dressed the whole part with our Bright Pink Wigs, inspired by Nicki Minaj we bring the super cool, totally rocking, 100% awesome Disco Diva Dancing Party to you!  Pricing starts at $200 for a 2 hour Disco Diva Party, any more than 25 children an additional $50, as another Princess will be needed. More time can be arranged. Travel fees do apply 20km+ from Melbourne CBD. E.g. 25km= $25

Spa and Beauty Parties

Our Spa and Beauty Specialists offer a unique and relaxing Spa and Beauty Party ideal for the girls out there who just LOVE to be pampered. Our parties include, Make your own Face Masks, Hair Feathers, Mani, Pedi, Massages and much, much more. For this party the ideal age group is for 7-12 year olds, this ensures that our guests get to make the most of this very unique experience.  Pricing for a Spa and Beauty Party starts at $275 for a total of 2 hours, for up to 12 guests including The Birthday Girl. More time can be arranged, any more than 12 guests an addition fee of $10 per person will be in place. Travel fees do apply 20km+ from Melbourne CBD. E.g. 25km= $25

Slumber Parties

This is your ideal Slumber Party our Sleeping Beauties come to you and take the stress away from the usual hectic Slumber Party. This party includes games such as, Kiss the Celebrity, Limbo, Dance Off, Hair Feathers, DIY Blindfolds, Donut Bobbing, Movies, along with so many more great Slumber Party games.  Pricing starts at $250 for a 2 hour Slumber Party, any more than 15 children an additional $10 per person. More time can be arranged. Travel fees do apply 20km+ from Melbourne CBD. E.g. 25km= $25

Princess Parties

Our Princess Parties are fit for a Princess! All activities and music are Princess orientated. We bring all our Princess equipment with us such as, Face Paint, Nail Polish, Temporary Tattoos, Music and much more. Some Princess games that we love to play are Pin the Tiara on the Princess, Limbo, Pin the Lips on the Frog, Princess Mix and Match, Princess, Princess Witch and so much more. Let your Daughter and her guests live the Princess dream with all the Princesses from Fairy Friends Forever.  Pricing starts at $200 for a 2 hour Princess Party, any more than 25 children an additional $50, as another Princess will be needed. More time can be arranged. Travel fees do apply 20km+ from Melbourne CBD. E.g. 25km= $25